Murmuratorium is both a music-theater “performance” and an installation that can be explored in a free and informal manner. An architectural space or a landscape corner is inhabited by sound-scenic objects and people, giving voice to “delicacy”, to “listening” to “revelation of beauty”, to the need to “be together” in a sensitive and poetic way.

Departing from sound resources such as the “itinerant scintillators” from Dabo Domo, metal bowls similar to those used in Metamorfose, interactive loudspeakers and “murmurators”, Companhia de Música Teatral (CMT) creates an “organic scenic fabric” in deep communication with the features of the space, emerging as a space of rupture with the hectic rhythms of daily life aiming the “ritualization” of interiority.

The “performance” begins with an intervention in the street, or adjacent space, making passers-by to become the participating audience with whom the musical-theatrical action takes place

The performance is the result of an educational project in which children, adolescents and young people, from CMT-Kids, engage in a “creative dialogue” over several days with people from a Local Group (with the same ages or with different characteristics, to be defined)

The term “murmuration” belongs to the bird-universe that CMT has been exploring recently, in the sequence of projects that address the environmental agenda. In pieces such as Jardim Interior, NOAH and Orizuro CMT has been looking for artistic processes that can contribute to “tuning” people among themselves and between them and the World. A fragile World that we need to care for.

Murmuration refers to the type of flying involving thousands of birds in a flock that can be observed in some species: countless individuals moving in space as a kind of collective organism that metamorphoses and takes on "sculptural" forms without individuals colliding. A phenomenon that remains a true mystery and will never cease to amaze us by the extraordinary beauty of the forms and the poetry they inspire (flying dragons, birds made of birds in a kind of feather fractal, a biological ink that paints the sky). Part of this fascination is due to the fact that the phenomena is referred to with a word that refers to sound. The sound of the wings of thousands of birds sounds like a murmur, or so it says who saw or heard it. And it is likely that, with time and with what is happening to the world, there will be fewer and fewer opportunities to see / hear the birds in the sky murmuring.

For this reason, Murmuratorium is also a convocation, calling for the urgency of our coming together, in a critical turn that belongs to each and every one. Music calls us, congregates us, and, as in the gathering of birds that sway and paint the sky, so the voices of humans converge in the action of a unique mass of extraordinary beauty.

concept & production companhia de música teatral

artistic direction paulo maria rodrigues set design miguel ferraz costumes evelyne rohrer interactive loudspeakers rui penha performers cmt-kids and grupo local* educational resources management helena rodrigues executive production céu santos communication design mafalda maia photos estúdio13, liliana garcia, mariana miguel

*the premiere of murmuratorium took place in 2019 in aveiro and ribeira grande, azores. the local group in aveiro was companhia dancenter and the performance had the choreograPHic direction of liliana garcia assisted by joão almeida e suzanna rosas. the local group at the azores was musiquim (associação musicoteatral dos açores), under the direction of andré melo e mário moniz.

acknowledgements falcão fibras, dancenter, universidade de aveiro, faculdade de ciências sociais e humanas, nova-lisboa

co-production cmt | teatro aveirense | musiquim

Murmuratorium was one of the most stimulating and original activities of the Festival dos Canais, clearly embodying what the event yearns for - producing artistic interventions with a transformative sense and adequate to the time and place where we live. In this case, the project goes further because it encourages those watching to play an active role. Through a game of sounds and silences, the participant is invited to learn to listen. Congratulations!

José Carlos Mota,

Urban planner and restless citizen, Professor

(…) The actors, some very small and others a little less small, then guided us into a magical world of odd long sounds, snippets of dancing steps either languid or suddenly frantic, serene beautiful movements. The actors´ calm facial expressions forced us out of the race of life and to very simply listen, admire the beauty of the movements… and smile, as I still do today, when I remember those few minutes. Thank you for the beauty and vast serenity of murmuratorium.

Ana Gil,

Professor of Chemistry, University of Aveiro

Getting everyone to listen to nature in such a beautiful and poetic way stirs us and makes us want to be part of the whirlwind. These are moments of deep reflection caused by an intense process of assimilation. Above all, it moves us to see the impact that this contemporary and conceptual language has on young people who so delicately make themselves available to art and the cause. Small bushes that grow with the sound of the wind, with strength and hope. Art is also this: to see beyond, foresee and care.

André Melo e Mário Moniz,
Artistic Directors of Musiquim Musical Theater Association from the Azores

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